Organizations We’ve Worked With

After each meeting we will post information on and links to the recipient organization.

Click here to nominate a charity for consideration at our next meeting. Nominations but must be submitted 1 week (5 business days) prior to meeting either online or by emailing downloadable form in order to confirm eligibility.

See bottom of this page for a list of charities nominated to date.

May 2018

uunik academy logo
UUNIK Academy Dropoff

Delivery of our Chapter’s $8,000 donation on June 4, 2018. From left to right in back: Alan Moore, Steering Team Member; Thomas Krajewski, Steering Team Member; Peter Atherton, Steering Team Member; and Reggie Jenkins, Executive Director, UUNIK Academy.

February 2018

change center
dropoff check

Delivery of our Chapter’s $10,100 donation to The Change Center on February 22, 2018.  From left to right: Bruce Charles, CFO of The Change Center; Alan Moore, 100 Men Steering Team; Brandon Bruce, 100 Men Steering Team; Thomas Krajewski, 100 Men Steering Team; Nicole Chandler, Executive Director of The Change Center; and Peter Atherton, 100 Men Steering Team.

Charities nominated as of our May 2018 Meeting include the following.  Please nominate other non-profits you are connected with prior to our next meeting.